Services Offered:

  • Design/Build Services
  • Construction Management
  • Site Selection & Permitting
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Assisting Project Financing & Packaging
  • Design Phase Management
  • Cost Estimating & Value Engineering
  • Project Planning
  • Facility Consulting Services
  • New Construction/Rehabilitation
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About Perspective Construction Management

Perspective – “of sight, to look through, to see clearly; view, prospect; the technique or process of representing on a plane or curved surface the special relation of objects as they may appear to the eye; the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed; the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance; a mental view or prospect; aiding the vision”

Mike Meyer, Bill Bridges, & Dan Meyer have formed the commercial construction management team of Perspective CM.

Perspective CM is a unique company identity for a unique partnership in the business of construction management and project contracts. We bring a high level of professionalism, experience, and ability to your team, as well as a focused hands-on approach. Building buildings is what we love to do . . . keeping a positive perspective for the sake of you and your project is how it will come to be.

“Your perspective is 99% of your reality and attitude . . . 
you need to maintain a positive perspective and balance of spirit, life, career,
and your relationships . . . and son, you need a breakthrough!”

Franklin T. Bridges – Bill's Dad

Corporate Purpose, Philosophy, and Methodology:

Our Mission:

We are a construction manager in the light commercial project market, providing top-quality planning, project development, and construction management . . . on time, and on budget, with a satisfied customer . . . every time.

Our Approach:

Whether a small tenant fit-up, or new large multi-use or specialty-use facility, our approach will always be to promote clarity and completeness in communications. Communication skills probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when selecting a construction company, but at Perspective CM we believe they’re essential for effective teamwork. Open and honest dialog between all team members is a must.

We also endeavor to build trust in our owner-builder relationship from the very beginning. Our approach with every owner is to assure them that we are sensitive to their needs throughout the entire process, always looking out for their interests and the best interest of their project.

“It's about what people bring to a side, the little things they
say or don't say. Compassion is part of it, seeing things from other
people's perspective rather than your own all the time.”

Steve Waugh – Australian Athlete & Author

Our Reputation:

Integrity is not forced or learned, but part of our corporate identity, philosophy, ideology, and methodology. Our reputation is our most important attribute, to be established and maintained on every project. We wish to be known for our sense of being tough, yet fair and balanced. We will build our business by our willingness to do it the correct way the first time. We stand behind everything we do. Mistakes are made and stuff happens in the world of construction. We will do our best to establish our reputation based on quality and the most effective construction practice needed to achieve the intended end result. We take pride in our accomplishments and are always willing to take the extra step to better serve our client. Our warranty policy is second to none.

Our Goal:

Perspective CM is big on partnering for the best possible result. It is our greatest goal to establish relationships that will last, with every team-member, every owner, every design professional, and every project associate. It is most important to take nothing for granted at any time, on any project. We will not make assumptions along the way, but strive to make sure that we provide the appropriate level of communication, organization, and detail required to get the job done. It is our intention to build a lasting and professional friendship with every person along the way to our common goal - a well-done project.

Our Best Marketing Strategy:

It is our hope that by building professional relationships within our industry, we will create future project opportunities. Our marketing is based on positive project experience, relationships, recommendations, and referrals from our customers and associates.

Our Guarantee:

At Perspective CM, we virtually guarantee your satisfaction with every job. If you are looking for a reliable construction management company and the maximum value for your budget, choose us for your next project.

While it was important to have a team
that could deliver every step of the way,
this is a group of people who were
a pleasure to work with . . .